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My name is Tom Monson. Since 1997 I have been producing educational documentaries designed to teach people and especially children about the dangers of substance abuse. Marijuana, cocaine, meth, speed, club drugs, drinking, smoking, and all kinds of other toxic substances are the subjects of these films.

In 1997 I recognized the deadly potential of Mehtamphetamine. I produced a film called Crank County and distributed it across the United States. It helped to educate tens of thousands of individuals about this dangerous drug. I see another drug or class of drugs that are even more deadly and will be a bigger problem. Click here to watch the full-length preview.

Why We Need this Education More than Ever:

1. During the past 10 years the number of teens deaths caused by the non-
medical use of prescription drugs has doubled.

2. The number of babies born addicted to pain killers has tripled in the past 10 years.

3. Teen suicide is at record levels - 20% of high school girls contemplate suicide: half attempt it and 10% of high school boys contemplate suicide: half will attempt it.

4. 50% of our high school seniors will use an illicit drug this year.

5. 20% of our teenagers will use prescription drugs for non medical purposes
this year

6. 25% of our high school seniors are now considered binge drinkers.

7. Today, drug abuse kills more teens than any other cause.

The list goes on but I think you get the idea.

Product Information:

These documentaries are available through school districts, law enforcement agencies, drug treatment centers, public libraries, drug courts, and drug prevention coalitions. Teachers and counselors can order commercial free versions of all the Drug Wars programs for educational purposes. For information about the individual films and how to order click product link. Full length previews are also available for your evaluation. Find out why so many teachers, counselors and other professionals prefer the Drug War Series. Call (541) 210-6698 or email us. We are the single source to purchase the public performance and broadcast rights for the Drug Wars Series.


Broadcasting educational films through network stations like NBC, CBS and ABC is a good way to reach the masses with these important messages. We don't stop there, we promote the messages through television, radio, posters, Internet and newspaper advertising. Since 1997, I have had the privilege to receive the help and blessings from many wonderful individuals and organizations who have made it possible to continue this effort. I know these broadcasts really work. You can read about our successes in the history section.

2014 Campaign and Broadcast:

The film about synthetic drugs has been broadcast. These drugs are known by many different names and law enforcement is struggling to get ahead of this dangerous class of drugs. You may remember the deadly drugs knows as angel dust and PCP from the 1960s and 1970s. They pail next to this new class of easy-to-get drugs that can leave users mentally disabled or dead.

We Can't Do This Alone.

Get involved. The only way we can protect our children is to educate them. Remember when you taught them look both ways before they crossed the street? These new drugs can be more deadly than a speeding car. Someone will teach your children about drugs, don't leave it to the drug dealers and those who profit from the sale of these deadly substances to teach them.

Ways to Help:

If you are a business, contact us and learn how you can gain positive name recognition and protect the children in your community.

If you are an individual, here are just a few of the ways you can help save some kids from a life on drugs or a premature death:

Buy a video and donate it to a school.

Make a contribution and help us put these videos to work in your town.

Make a contribution and help fund our next video about heroin addiction.

The more young people who see these videos, means more of them will make better decisions about substance use and lower the rates of abuse.

Want to help?

This is a war against ignorance and apathy. If you'd like to help bring one of these life-saving events to your community contact us.

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Tom Monson, 2014
Synthetic drugs can kill. We have to teach our children.
Misuse of prescription drugs kills more kids today.
Our children need our guidance more than ever.
Drug use brings them special friends.
Often substance abuse begins with cigarettes
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